All I can say is THANK YOU JESUS!!!

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Dear Lord,

I’m acknowledging You for who You have been in my life. You have shown Yourself strong and mighty in my life. You have given me my heart’s desire and you have answered my prayers.

I started Law School in 2012 determined yet scared because of the stories I had been swamped with, stories of brilliant people failing the exams and retaking it 4 times. I was told that because I was not familiar with the system, I should aim not to excel but to merely pass. But I dared to dream because You oh Lord God reminded me that Your thoughts towards me are thoughts of good and not of evil to give me my hopes and dreams and bring me to an expected end. You said to me, ‘Temiloluwa, fear not. Only believe’.

Lord, I remember all that period in Bar 1, how you helped me. Thank You…

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Are you Clingy?

Musings of a Caramel Latte Addict

Hi guys!

How’s it going? Hope the month has been going well for you so far. I pray that God’s hands of protection will continually be upon you and yours in Jesus’ name. No evil shall befall anyone of us. Amen.

So I woke up this morning to the news of a married man who attempted to marry another woman and then his legal wife came to disrupt the wedding armed with her dad, news crew and journalists. Like really?!!! The way we humans behave sometimes has me reeling! And you sat down there calmly, about to be joined with a woman with full knowledge of the fact that you are still joined to another. Oma ga oooo! Iriri aye. Nkan be  (I’ve run out out expressions).


So many questions come to mind: Had they already gone to the Marriage Registry as most couples do before going to church? If they had, then a crime might…

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He made a Way


Musings of a Caramel Latte Addict

My name is Olawamiri Ayo. Everyone calls me Ola except my mom and dad who insist on saying it as it is. I’m the first of 4. I was the only child for the first 8 years of my life after which my parents proceeded to have 3 more children (all boys) in quick succession. I will be 29 in November this year (2013). Olamide is 20, Oladele is 19 and Olaitan is 17. All three are in a Private University studying Economics.

My tale is one of encouragement…


I finished secondary school (FGGC Shagamu) in 2000 and after 3 years of JAMB drama, I finally got admission into OSU to study Business Administration. I just wasn’t able to get into Unilag, IFE or UI- my original choices. I served at a big communications firm in 2008 and since then, it has been one search for a job…

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nobody greater


this is a song, i can listen to and sing all over again. it is not just because i love d lyrics of the song, it is because i feel uplifted every time i listen to it.  

i feel, it is talking to me as an individual and encouraging me about the journey ahead.

nobody greater! nobody greater!! Nobody greater than u.  


Waiting can be called patience in disguise;
waiting is not an easy thing because we are all in a
hurry to greatness. Greatness cannot be achieved in
a day, it takes patience, perseverance, will, prayer and
determination to get to our desired destination.
One of the things I have learnt within this period of staying at home is that ones ability
to exercise patience is very important in life. It is my nature to have things done at a fast
pace and I get impatient when things
are not going the way I want it. I have no doubt that everything
will take shape in due season and time.

One other thing that have learnt, is will and
determination. Determination means different things
to different people, to some it means to excel and to
others it means to succeed, but let look at the
dictionary meaning of the word determination: the act
of deciding definitely and firmly, this simply means
what you know u can do go on and achieve it. So
with determination and will, you can reach whatever
height you want to achieve in life.
I also learnt that everything in this life is not gotten
on a platter of gold, you need to work to get where u
are. Some people will say, that if you have
connections (i.e knowing the right people) you will
get a job easily, that is a statement I disagree with,
because do you how many people know the person
that you claim to know. So I believe in hard work,
diligence and prayers and this will lead one to his/her
desired destination.
Some days ago, I remember telling my mum, that I
was becoming frustrated and the next thing she did was to sit me down,
tell me never to say that again. she scolded me to refrain from making such statement.
she counselled me and charged me not to
allow anything frustrate me, instead I should look
for a positive way to channel my energy. That, yes
this government has a lot to be blamed for with regard to our present
economy, however, we will be the one to suffer if we don’t
pick ourselves up when we fall. she buttressed her points with a verse in the
bible that states that “the race is not to the swift”, so
also, when we fall we should pick ourselves up, dust

our cloths and start the race all over again, that is
how to be successful in life.